Shirting Fabric – Uniform Fabric

Easy Care Fabric (44″)

We are one of the largest manufacturer for Easy-care, Wrinkle-resistant Cotton rich fabric, we provide more than 400 pieces of fabric from this collection, never-out of stock , fast-selling fabric. This range of collection is suitable for all types of purpose matching with people of every age group since we have a complete set of pattern and weaves with easy-iron , quick-dry, anti-piling employed with highest quality of filament yarn with cotton, produced from accredited mills with fast-color, low-formalin resulting in good weight, high durability,bright colours and wearability. Because of its all-purpose characteristics this collection has been our most well-known and widely used fabric reaching out to all kinds of users including garment,uniforms,brands and tailor stores making it our “ikigai” ,Hence we continue to expand in this section indefinitely.

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